About The Hive

'The Hive' Wirral Youth Zone, is a purpose-built facility for young people aged 8 – 19 and up to 25 with a disability.

Launched in 2017 and part of the Onside Youth Zones charity, The Hive provides a safe environment where young people can go to enjoy themselves, raising their aspirations and building confidence to create a happier and healthier generation.

In its first year of operation The Hive’s turnover increased from £1m to £1.8M. The Youth Zone has experienced rapid growth and a high level of engagement, with PR activity being a significant contributory factor. A charitable organisation, working to a new model of predominantly private sector leadership and support, The Hive’s strategic communications require a constantly adaptable approach.


Our Role

Following a high-profile opening and successful launch period, The Hive Youth Zone needed to maintain PR momentum for the continued proliferation of its positive messages to target audiences and stakeholders.

A regular drip-feed of news was required to help sustain membership rates and support business development/fundraising. Artemis was brought in to plan and implement PR activity was that would demonstrate The Hive’s excellent offering to young people and their parents across the Wirral and the wider Liverpool City Region, while underlining the transformative impact the Youth Zone was having on individual members and the surrounding community.

How We Work with The Hive

We have forged close relationships with The Hive’s chief executive and head of fundraising, along with members of the youth work team and are in regular contact with them on a weekly basis, frequently working in situ at the Youth Zone. This enables us to mine for news stories with the greatest coverage potential.

Our interaction with The Hive team includes face-to-face meetings, phone calls and e-mail, with an open exchange of information and content between key contacts. We share final drafts and coverage with The Hive’s social media manager, to ensure content is maximised across all channels.

What We Deliver

Artemis delivers a wealth of online and print coverage across a broad range of target publications.

By constantly replenishing the news pipeline we deliver a constant flow of high-quality, multi-purpose content for press, website and social media dissemination.

In frequent contact with the media that matters, we build press relationships on The Hive’s behalf – helping to establish the Youth Zone as a source of reader-friendly, engaging news. We work hard to identify and cultivate media contacts across all relevant titles.

Many of the stories we’ve crafted have been designed to provide The Hive’s patrons and supporters with added value too by profiling their active involvement in the Youth Zone’s programme of events and their contribution to The Hive’s annual costs. Coverage secured on the back of this news is then used in customer relationship management by The Hive’s head of fund-raising.

Every story we have crafted and distributed for The Hive has achieved exposure and we have also been on hand to attend media events and provide strategic advice on the handling of print press, TV and radio interviews.

Our strategic methods, informed by many years of experience enabled us to help The Hive:

  • Influence its target audiences
  • Add value for patrons and supporters
  • Nurture stronger relationships with regional media
  • Develop an additional stream of content for online and social channels
  • Achieve constant key message proliferation

The Artemis team provides a brilliant service, proactively implementing a full media and marketing campaign which has successfully increased the profile of The Hive across Wirral and the wider Liverpool City Region. Able to produce a broad range of marketing material, to a high standard, including our regular Hive newsletter, The Buzz, Artemis work on their own initiative, taking time to build relationships with our staff.

We also retain Emma and her team to create and host bespoke fundraising events, designed to engage stakeholders and financial supporters. Given the wide variety of audiences we engage with, the Artemis professionals are highly proficient at adapting the style and content of communications; one minute pitching to international business leaders, the next to young people and families.

Stuart Barnes
Head of Openings and Delivery Support, Onside Youth Zones